My Holidays in Spain

If you know me you know that I am a huge animal lover and that I love to travel Europe when I know I can rescue the one or the other poor animal. One of those countries where there are big numbers of abandoned cats and dogs is Spain. My sister just got her dog which is actually from a town near Barcelona!

camper van to get aroundOn the other hand, you will perhaps know that traveling can definitely get rather expensive. This is the reason why I was looking for ways how I can travel “cheaply” without having to make any big sacrifices.

I found camping really the best way for my frequent travels to Spain and Italy and in time also found that camping has a lot advantages and benefits, besides the obvious fewer expenses.

Now, make no mistake. When I say camping I don’t mean that I sleep in a tent under the scorching Spanish sun. This would be really silly and I don’t think a human being could even handle this, at least not in Summer.

When I go traveling I am renting a nice VW camper van that comes with everything like air conditioning, a fridge, a TV etc.etc..

To be honest, I enjoy my camping trips so much that I feel bad for all those people who spent a lot of money on “fancy” hotels!

The camper vans I am renting have in addition so much space that I can transport dogs and cats without a problem. Something you cannot really do with a normal car. And I can also use the camper to haul other stuff, like two months ago where we went for a wind surfing holiday at the Costa Blanca.

I am so happy with camping that we’re now considering buying our own camper. I think it would be really worth it. As for the time being we’re always booking one from a great VW camper van hire in Devon. The guys already know my schedule or I otherwise call them plenty in advance just to avoid that a van would be booked already. (Thankfully this hasn’t happened yet).

So if you love to travel lots like I do, check out getting yourself a nice camper van so you can see how much fun this can be! You also might want to check to get some ideas where to go!