My Recommended Private School in Hertfordshire

It took our family a long time to find a suitable school for the children. When we started looking it didn’t take long until it became clear that all the public schools in the Hertfordshire area wouldn’t be a good choice.

We are a family where sports has always played a big role. Aside from sports such as hockey, the children also have a keen interest in music and arts.

Looking over our public schools here we had been rather disappointed especially when it came to the upport sporting activities at the state of their sports facilities. The same with music. Two public schools didn’t really offer anything in that regards.

This is when we started to look into private schools where it became immediately clear to us that they by and large had much better options for sports and for music classes.

Ultimately, we decided to sign them up with the Kingshottschool here Hertfordshire since their curriculum and other offers for our children looked best. If you ask me, our decision couldn’t have been better.

Our children are very happy with the Kingshottschool, in particular and especially with their active support for sporting activities of all kinds. The oldest one is now in a hockey team while the younger one is enjoying to learn the piano.

So if you happen to be in the Hertfordshire area and are looking for private schools in Hertfordshire might want to check out the Kingshottschool too. It’s the prep school in Hertfordshire that I can recommend.