Poisonous Snakes Danger for Pets in UK

The United Kingdom reports a record level of poisonous snakes in back gardens and public parks this summer. With the increased number of poisonous adders, the only type of poisonous snake in Great Britain, increasingly more pet owners had their beloved ones attacked and in many cases fatally poisoned.

poisonous adderHowever, the high number of poisonous adders is not just posing a danger for cats and dogs all across the country, it is also dangerous for people especially for children and the elderly.

Nikki Blight from Seaford, East Sussex had her terrier Alfie badly injured by one snake in her other bark, Roxy killed while taking a walk outside.

The dog lover said to the press that they had to put Roxy down because the animals body couldn’t cope with the venom.

The other dog, once bitten on the cheek sustained substantial skin damage on its face from the bite.

Pet owners in the United Kingdom are now wanting to increase awareness among dog owners as well as people with young children

Anna Crampton, Darke Walker from East Sussex told us that she is regularly spotting the poisonous adders when she is outside. “This is the worst year on record. Take care of your pets, folks!” she said.